Medical Auctions Netherlands

Since the beginning of 2023, BMA Medical Auctions is active in the Netherlands, building on our many years of experience and success in the United Kingdom and France.

Led by a team of Dutch industry experts, we specialise in auctioning used medical equipment to a network of hospitals, clinics, and traders worldwide.

Dedicated to the medical equipment industry

Our full-service solution includes transport and storage, ensuring a hassle-free and secure experience.

We take patient data protection and liability seriously, guaranteeing that no equipment with patient data leaves our facilities.

Our transparent and fair business model provides customised solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Why auction with us

Auctioning has a great impact:

  • By auctioning used medical equipment, we present the equipment to thousands of global bidders ensuring we provide a fair market value for your equipment, that has proved to be significantly higher than conventional methods of disposal.
  • Auctioning your medical equipment will ensure the equipment continues to be used by health care providers that need high-quality medical equipment, particularly in developing world countries.
  • Auctioning used medical equipment has significant sustainability benefits. By giving previously owned equipment a second life, we reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing new equipment and decrease the amount of waste generated.

Join our network of satisfied clients and experience the difference BMA can make for your business.

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Boudewijn Samsom Image
With his 5 years experience in scaling auction platforms, sourcing and delivering a healthcare auction service was a natural progression.

Focused on the Netherlands helping both the public and private hospital sectors to solve their need with a value added service. Adding a new revenue stream, improving circularity and improving the quality of healthcare across emerging markets.

Boudewijn Samsom

Commercial Director BMA-NL

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