BMA Climate Programme 3 Year Milestone

British Medical Auctions are proud to have reached the 3 Year milestone with Ecologi.

Since partnering with Ecologi we have financed the planting of over 5,000 trees and supported the financing of 48 verified carbon avoidance projects across the world.


A new project run by Eden Reforestation Projects in the Maputo province of Mozambique, is the reforestation of natural forest.

On this site, over vast tracts of land where trees historically grew, grass now prevails. Together with the team at Eden Reforestation Projects, Ecologi is supporting the reforestation of the site to restore the natural forest which once stood here. Over the course of four years, the planting of 3.3 million trees is planned across a plantable area of over 3,000 hectares.

The project provides employment and sustainable income to a number of local planters, as well as the nursery staff, guards and other staff who are involved in restoring this beautiful landscape.

Picture Credits: Ecologi

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