BMA Supports Global Climate Programme


British Medical Auctions are proud to announce their partnership with Ecologi to support a variety of climate projects across the world including large scale tree planting.

This exciting programme allows BMA and it's employees to do even more by working with Ecologi to offset the carbon footprint of each our employees at work and at home. In the first 2 months of partnering with Ecologi we have offset over 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide and planted over 500 trees by supporting green energy production in Uganda and Java and forestry projects in Guatemala and Papua New Guinea.

Markus Grad, CEO said of the partnership “sustainability is at the centre of everything we do at British Medical Auctions, so this new partnership with Ecologi allows us to go even further as managing our environmental impact is extremely important to British Medical Auctions and the team and we take our responsibility very seriously”.

Photo Credit: Eden Reforestation Projects / Ecologi

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