Data Erasure

The safe management and disposal of data is one of the most important tasks to carry out before reselling medical equipment. We provide the health sector with a Data Erasure service that's safe, certified and fully auditable.

The safe option for your data removal

As part of our Data Erasure service, we can carry out the following tasks:

  • Secure collection of storage of all equipment with sensitive data
  • Physical check for any supplier and patient information
  • Removal of all asset labelling
  • Physical check of all software for sensitive data
  • Removal of all hospital, network and patient data
  • Data removal certification

Trust us to manage your equipment's data

We take the removal of patient, hospital and network data very seriously. Our end-to-end reselling process ensures data is safe and secure until it is removed.

  • Secure collection by our experienced Collections Team
  • Secure storage of all equipment at our Bracknell facility
  • Certified process to erase all hospital & patient data using Industry leading data erasure software
  • Fully auditable process from collection to sale

Certified data management processes

We provide a data erasure process that is certified by the following industry bodies:

  • NHS Digital
  • Information Commissioners Office's Register of Data Controllers
  • Cyber Essentials Plus

Compliant with all legislation

Our data erasure services comply with all the following legislation:

  1. Department of Health: Destruction and Disposal of Sensitive Data - Good Practice Guidelines version 3.2 January 2017
  2. The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679
  3. Data Protection Act 2018
  4. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Guidance
  5. Supplying Clients’ (Hospitals and other suppliers) own data protection procedures, in conjunction with a Data Processing Agreement.
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